All Japan Day 2017

All Japan Day was back for the tenth annual visit! With AJD Resident photographer Disturb The Peace working his magic all day!


This wicked event is held towards the end of February every year on the lawns of Wigley Reserve at Adelaide Hot Spot: Glenelg. 2017 saw a limit of 500 entrants and as every year, the entrance limit was reached.

16825819_644288942421020_2848320783504727408_oAdam’s recently refreshed, new look 180sx drift car (original image)

Gates for entrants open at 7:00am and vehicles are kept on display until 3:00pm. The day showcases a huge amount of variety, from an Ultra-rare Nissan Ute to AE86s to Nissan GTRs, drift cars, all out race cars, street cars, show cars and most things in between.

16903412_1305332709554728_6033386251362314668_oDisturb The Peace

All Japan Day is a charity focussed event run by Iron Chef Imports’ Kristian Appelt and his team where entries fees are donated to charity (Novita Children’s Services for 2017). Spectator entry is free with the encouraged option to make a small donation to the year’s charity.

IMG_1985.JPGDylan’s ever clean Sileighty drift car (original photo)

One of my favourite things about this event is the extremely relaxed atmosphere. It is less a ‘car show’ and more a ‘public car display’. This implies there are no competitions or prizes, roped off areas, promo girls, or music. Instead, you’ve got half a thousand cars displayed on the grass with usually friendly owners willing to discuss their passion for the day.

16904791_1251946358215982_6962508725975914728_oTodd’s SR20 Levin notchback driftcar, photo by Automotive Photography in South Australia

A crowd favourite is Daman’s Bosozoku inspirted Datsun, one that demonstrates the variety on display. It’s a car that I have personal interest for as he put the thing together with only himself in mind and had no interest in following various local trends. (For my Japanese friends reading, Bosozoku is not so much a thing in Australia, a lot of people don’t actually realize the story behind the name and here the word is just used to reference the style of car only).

17015935_1305315256223140_3743676162189003240_oDisturb The Peace

Daman also had another car on display; his Nissan Cima F50 sitting pretty on suitable WEDS Kranze LXZ

IMG_1977.JPG(original photo)

This year was most definitely a good year for any Toyota fans! Parked a few cars up from me was this wild JZX converted LX90 Chaser. Ditching rolling coal for the highly sought after 1JZ

IMG_1966.JPG(original photo)

There was also this AJD regular, also sporting a 1JZ vvti conversion!

16836712_1866957283584757_5298099773128151286_oPhoto by Hikari Ato Photography

It was very hard to look past the aggression of this Chaser owned by a South Australian drift veteran.

16904759_1261479520555007_614846199293752037_oPhoto by The Digital Garage

As well as this centrepiece JZX!

IMG_1968.JPG(original photo)

One of Nagoya’s finest!

16992310_10155851075724377_4344085080287111103_oThe Digital Garage

Overall, a wicked drama free day was had with no issues with antisocial behaviour or disrespect from the local authorities as far as I’m aware. MASSIVE thanks to the All Japan Day committee for their incredible organisation skills! For more information on the event, visit:
AJD Facebook: All Japan Day
AJD Website:

A massive thank you to Vulcan Performance and Fabrication for sorting out some new intercooler piping for the Onevia to get the thing running properly again in time for the weekend. As well as Lloyd from STS IMAGES for his ongoing support.
Aperture One Imagery

Please, please, please support all the photographers’ pages mentioned in this post! As well as the Kaonashi Street page.



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